Jessica Engström


How to create a WordPress blogg in Azure

2015-12-10 15:24:00 +0000

In Azure portal click ”on marketplace”, there you can find a huge amount of apps and services. One of them is WordPress, so let’s search for that.


There are a few WordPress options, click the one that is just called “WordPress” to read more about it and then click ”Create”.


Pick a name for your blog, this needs to be unique since it’s a part of the URL.
Click ”Database”


I’m using ”Mercery” here, since it is free and I have no use for anything larger at the moment.
You can also change the location to one that is closer to you. I’m using West Europe.

Don’t forget to read the legal terms.

Click ”create” and azure will set things up.


This is what it looks like when it’s done. Click on the URL to your blog to start WordPress.

You need to choose language, pick a username and password and such, and then you just click ”install WordPress”.
After a few minutes you will have to sign in to WordPress with the credentials you just created.


And that is it! This is the WordPress dashboard where you can find themes, templates, settings and stuff. You can tweak your blog to fit your personality.


This is what it looks like if you do no tweaking at all.

That’s all there is to it, now go create a blog or two!

How to create a website in Azure

2015-12-06 16:41:00 +0000

Go to the Azure portal and click ”web apps”.
Choose a name for your site, this will also be part of your URL, so it needs to be unique.

When you are satisfied with your name, click create.


Azure will then work it’s magic for a moment.


This is what the control panel looks like, and we can see the URL to our page we just created.



You can simply click the URL from the control panel to get to your page.


And there it is, your website in Azure!
Full support for GIT, FTP and you can push directly from Visual Studio as well.

Have fun!

How to Activate Azure in DreamSpark

2015-12-04 17:38:00 +0000

Start by clicking ”Student” and ”download software”.


Then ”go to the student software catalog” there you will see all the things that are included. Software, courses, a developer account and much more.
To activate Microsoft Azure, you need to click on “Microsoft Azure for DreamSpark” under ”Servers & Applications”.


Now it is time to register.
You can enter your phone number to verify by text. Once that is out of the way we just have to wait it will take few minutes until Azure is configured.



When Azure is done you can start managing your services in the Azure portal. There is even a big button for you to click for easy access.

Have fun playing around in Azure!

Hour of Code

2015-12-02 15:36:00 +0000 is the non-profit organization behind the initiative to show that anybody can learn the basics of computer science, and give every student at least one Hour of Code.

One-hour tutorials are available in over 40 languages and is suitable for all ages.
The global movement reaches tens of millions of students in over 180 countries.

It's free to join in, both as a student and as an organizer.
Last time I checked there were 162 748 Hour of Code events planned around the world.


The main event takes place during December 7-13, but anyone can host an Hour of Code anytime and anywhere. They've chosen that date because it coincides with Computer Science Education Week.

You can find the tutorials here. They are clearly marked with suggested age categories, and all have different themes. For the younger students there are for example Star Wars, Minecraft and Frozen to choose from.
There are also a number of partner tutorials ranging from javascript and scratch to python and TouchDevelop.

Don't have devices or internet at your school or usergroup? No problem, they have even thought of that with their series of unplugged computer science material.
The suggested age range is 4-104 years.

I think it's a fantastic initiative, and our usergroup Coding After Work is naturally participating.