Jessica Engström


Fitness plan - The results

Okay, so my plan to update often failed miserably for so many reasons.
But here is the result and recap of my fitness plan.


When we started out on Get Up and Code in March, I weigh 78kg (172lbs)


The goal was to get me fitter and lose some weight, about 10kg (22 lbs) and to be able to run a 10k in November.

The plan

Gym 3 times/week, 10 000 steps/day, couch to 5K 3 times/week, 1500 kcal/day

Potential obstacles

The potential obstacles was my ankle that acts up from time to time, trying not to overdo it and work out too much, chocolate and eating out due to events and conferences.

The road to now

After a while my husband started to come to the gym with me, that has helped me a lot. It's much easier to keep the motivation and not overdoing it when you workout with someone.
With that said, at times I managed to overdo it anyway, he got stronger so much faster and I don't like to "lose" :P
My ankle DID act up, and it didn't do it any good by continuing anyway. I got myself a very good physical therapist and focused on core and ankle stability and I wasn't okayed to run until late October and only 2 times/week for max 15min.
Since I need to keep my physical therapist busy OR that I'm a tiny tiny bit stubborn and impatient I kinda hurt my shoulder (Impingement in my Supraspinatus). Okay, I fess up, I couldn't take that Jimmy did a heavier military press than I did, and I didn't quit working out even though it hurt :P


Today I weigh in at 68-69kg (149-152 lbs)
I'm stronger and in better condition.
For the Tunnelrun in November I realized that I haven't been able to run for 5-6 months and the longest I ever ran was 5k, so my hopes wasn't that high.
Before the start I set the goal for running 2-3K, hoping that I could make it to 5k. Stubborn as I am, determined to achieve my goal, I actually manage to run the whole 10k without walking even a meter :D
I wouldn't recommend it if you haven't run for that long though, because I was unable to walk the next day :P

Left: Representing geek with my warm-up clothes
Right: After the 10k

The future

Even though I've reached my initial weight goal, I still want to get more fit.
My new goal is to at one time get so fit that I can cosplay as Harley Quinn at the SciFi faire (Winter 2015 or 2016).
I will try to not put to much focus on the actual weight from now on and concentrate on measurements and results as a reference.
What I really need to work on is my impatience and tendency to overdoing everything. I need to find a sustainable pace so I don't get restless but also not hurt myself.

And for those of you who are thinking "Wait a minute, isn't she a Marvel girl?! Harley is DC" well, still a Marvel girl, but COME ON! Harley Quinn is not only hot, she is super cool too :P