Jessica Engström


Fitness plan Week 3

2014-02-10 16:21:00 +0000

Monday the 20th of January I started the workout plan, and the diet plan on Wednesday .

The good

Still losing weight, measurements are going down too, which usually comes late for me, especially around the hips. Open-mouthed smile
I could even have a piece of chocolate cake at my birthday party, due to the flexible diet plan!

The bad

I have problems trying to fit in the gym on the weeks I’m working like crazy. When I signed up for my gym I did not think that I needed a gym that is open 24/7. Mine closes at 9PM in weekdays, 7PM on Saturdays :/
Last week I went from home around 6AM and got back around 10PM followed by some board-stuff that needed to be taken care of on some of the days.
It’s still too much snow/ice out for running outside here. it is slowly getting better though Smile

the solution

Trying to plan my weeks better so I can fit in 3 visits to the gym.
Wait for the whether to clear so I can run/walk outside Open-mouthed smile

  Start Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Weight 78.1 kg (172.2 lbs) 78.5 kg (173 lbs) 76.1 75.2 kg (165.8 lbs)
Waist 83 cm (32.6 Inch) 83 cm (32.6 Inch) 83 cm (32.6 Inch) 81.5 cm (32.1 inch)
Hips 114 cm (44,9 inch) 114 cm (44,9 inch) 111.5 cm (43.9 inch) 110.5 cm (43.5 inch)
Calories - - - 10439/10500
Steps   67263/70000 58345/70000 72387/70000
Workouts   3/3 3/3 1/3
Couch to 5k   4/3 2/3 2/3

Fitness plan week 2

2014-02-03 11:12:00 +0000

Monday the 20th of January I started the workout plan, and the diet plan on Wednesday .

The good

Had some weight loss 2.4 kg (5.2 lbs) since last week, 2 kg (4.4 lbs) since the start.
I found an awesome low calorie, soy based chocolate dessert. It’s only 104 calories/100gram. Good way to keep the chocolate cravings in check.

The bad

I eat too little. I’ve come to realize that I don’t eat the snacks if I’m in a hurry or pressed for time, especially if I have to cook it.
It has shown in my workouts and C25K, I even had to stop at one time because I was feeling too sick to my stomach.
My step count is WAY down, it’s been super slippery out :/


the solution

I need to eat more at lunch and have smaller, easier snacks like banana, yoghurt etc. I’ve already started.

I really need to dig out the elliptical walker soon!

Well of to the gym now Smile

  Start Week 1 Week 2  
Weight 78.1 kg (172.2 lbs) 78.5 kg (173 lbs) 76.1  
Waist 83 cm (32.6 Inch) 83 cm (32.6 Inch) 83 cm (32.6 Inch)  
Hips 114 cm (44,9 inch) 114 cm (44,9 inch) 111.5 cm (43.9 inch)  
Calories - - Out of battery, coming soon  
Steps   67263/70000    
Workouts   3/3 3/3  
Couch to 5k   4/3 2/3  

Fitness plan week 1

2014-01-27 21:08:00 +0000

Monday the 20th of January I started the workout plan, and the diet plan on Wednesday.
I have had a lot to do during the first week, making it hard to find time to workout and prepare the food and all that.
Excuses excuses I know.
What it actually comes down to is lack of preparation.
I really need to plan better and most of all prepare the food for when I’m in a hurry etc. Otherwise I’m just going to eat out or not at all and get crazy hungry and eat too much or bad later.

So for week 2 I have prepared breakfast muesli for the whole week, I already got all the ingredients for all the lunches and dinners and I am going to prepare more than one dinner at a time so I always have one waiting for me if time is an issue.

I also need to dig out the elliptical walker, it is too cold, dark and Icy out to go out walk longer periods.

So here are the results, not pretty, but we know why and can therefore change it Smile


  Start Week 1    
Weight 78.1 kg (172.2 lbs) 78.5 kg (173 lbs)    
Waist 83 cm (32.6 Inch) 83 cm (32.6 Inch)    
Hips 114 cm (44,9 inch) 114 cm (44,9 inch)    
Calories - -    
Steps   67263/70000    
Workouts   3/3    
Couch to 5k   4/3    

Building a fitness plan with Get up and code podcast

2014-01-22 11:28:00 +0000


6 months ago or so I got tired of being overweight and got really motivated. I started to work out like crazy with about 9 classes per week and powerwalks almost everyday.

After a while a friend steered me into a diet plan that I followed. It was basically max 50g carbs, max 1500 calories and minimum 2g/kg protein per day (so about 170g).
I did loose a total of 13 kg (29 lbs)
After a while I realized that I was all over the place and had no clear focus and needed help.

So I got a PT, Long story short - it did NOT pan out. I lost 0.5kg (1 lbs), got bloated and basically should eat cod 50 times/week.

So I talked to my friend Iris about getting on the podcast if they wanted to help me and they did Smile
I was on the Get up and CODE podcast in December to plan my food and workout regime.

We got delayed due to a blockage in my cervical vertebrae that induced constant migraine for weeks and weeks. My chiropractor has fixed that now so it’s time to start. Open-mouthed smile


The goal is to get me fitter and loose some weight, about 10kg (22 lbs) and to be able to run a 10k in November.

The plan

John Somnez is in charge of my workout routine;

Workout in the gym 3 times/week
10 000 steps/day (find me on fitbit)
Couch to 5K” 3times/week

Iris Classon is in charge of my diet;

About 1500 kcal per day
34% fat
24% protein
42% carbs

Potential obstacles

Sprained ankle that is acting up from time to time
Working out too much, I like overdoing stuff :/
Eating out due to events and conferences


I will post my weight, some measurements and progress every week if you are curious to how it goes.

Microsoft MVP award

2014-01-02 10:44:00 +0000

2013 was a great year for me.

In January I got invited to join MEET Sweden (Microsoft Extended Expert Team) A complete honor.

I got the opportunity attend the “Train the Trainer Windows Phone 8” education in Utrecht.

Me and my husband went full on with our code heavy user group Coding After Work.

Coding After Work started to branch out to other cities, starting with Norrkoping.

We got to organize Easter-, Halloween- (as a part of Windows Phone week) and Xmas hackathons, a hackathon in Malmo and a hackathon with Atley Hunter and Michael Crump at Øredev.

Coding After Work also got to be exhibitors at Øredev and DevSum.

Microsoft organize “summer camp” here in Sweden, where they offer free half day seminars to everyone. I got to talk there about Windows 8 UX.
That felt a bit crazy (good crazy) as I started in this community at summer camp myself a few years back. Circle is closed and all that :)

I committed to change my diet and workout schedule, lost 13kg (28 lbs) and I have more to lose so I was on the “get up and code” podcast. You can see more of this soon.

Conferences I attended was TechX sweden, //Build, Øredev, DevSum

I went to “Train the Trainer- Unity” in Helsinki (loads of fun!)

The amazing people I got to meet during the year is fantastic. I treasure them all, mentors, beginners, young, old, all of them.

This is just a bit of the stuff I got to do. I thought that it would be hard to top 2013….


mvpThen came 2014 and bam! I got awarded Microsoft MVP (Client Dev) for my job in the community!

What a start of the year! People I look up to in the community are congratulating me, that is a surreal feeling.

I’m humbled to get nominated and awarded, and be in such an amazing category with so many great minds!
I will do my best to live up to he title.


With that I wish you all a great 2014, may it be your best year ever!