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2011-04-03 20:59:00 +0000


TechDays 2011 i Örebro

Due to my husband winning the Geek Awards this year we got to go to Örebro and Techdays.
This was my (our) first Techdays and this is a little about my experience.

The alarm went off at 03:30, insanely early, but so worth it.
We arrived in time for the keynote. Magnus Lindkvist was brilliant amongst others.
Unfortunately when we arrived at the "HTML5 for web developers" (with one of my favorite speakers Danwei Tran Luciani) it was already full.

On Facebook We have a Swedish fan-group for Windows Phone 7 and I had suggested a lunch with everyone who was at Techdays from that group. 7 of us found each other (some got lost) and we had a really nice lunch with likeminded wp7 enthusiasts.
The food was great, not over pretentious, just regular food. Especially for me who is allergic to meat, veg food usually sucks at events.

We saw to it that we were first in line for "Orchard and Azure - CMS in the cloud" with Mikael Söderström and Dag König and I'll have to say that they both where at their best.

Then something strange happened. I was talked into going to Gil Cleeren's session "What you, as an ASP.NET developer should know about jQuery". I've seen Gil once before and he is a really good speaker. But I had NO idea he was so good that I got interestedin JQuery! Who knew?

Later that evening It was time for some awards and entertainment. My husband was crowned the geek of the year (Yay!) Petter and September came to play for us and afterwards we mingled through the night.

The next morning I went to the best session (for me) on Techdays: "Windows Phone 7 in Blend och code" with Andreas Hammar and Håkan Reis. Their dynamic was perfect, no awkward pauses if one "interrupted" the other and they had so much good stuff to show us. I will download their presentation and make my husband see it with me (he was being interviewed at the time). Let me put it like this....I almost NEVER see anything twice, that goes for movies, TV, presentations etc. THAT's how good they were.

Klas Hallberg talked about getting things done in the keynote. He was brilliant and so funny. Also he has the best dialect ever :P

We tried to get in a wp7-group lunch the second day too, we were 6 people this time, including the head of wp7 for Scandinavia (?) Peter Wissinger. After the lunch Peter told us that he had some women's fit t-shirts and stuff that we could get. I got a couple of t-shirts and a vest with the "I love wp7" logo on it. So freaking cool :)

Later that day we saw Johan Lindfors talk about "wp7 - the good, the bad, the ugly" also Danwei Tran Luciani and Pontus Wittenmark spoke about "HTML5 vs. Silverlight" both sessions were very good :)

So in short: We had the best time, surrounded by geeks. No explaining that wp7 is NOT the same as win mobile, I only got the standard question "YOU going to sessions/play games/like tech stuff/etc., but you are a girl!" once during Techdays and it was from a friend's husband so he is forgiven. I had a great time!

Totally worth the blisters, small knee injury and lack of sleep :P

Geek Awards

2011-04-03 19:00:00 +0000

Microsoft's Techdays arrange an annual competition for geek of the year. Last year my husband came in third.
This year I thought he ought to win (really he is crazy geeky) so I nominated him. For those of you who can read Swedish, the nomination can be found here on my husbands blog.

Apparently the judges liked my nomination so much that they also gave ME the chance to come to Techdays. That is so awesome and so considerate of them.
Everyone we've been in contact with surrounding Geek Awards has treated us with the upmost respect and kindness.

Some of the judges even came up to us and said that he really deserved the award. Some wanted to meet this wife of his who nominated him :p

Here is a video of Jimmy accepting his award


How does it feel to get this award?
Jimmy: "incredibly nice, I mean 1700 geeks and I am apparently the worst"
Can't say anything other than I'm a proud geek-wife :)

Here is an interview they made during Techdays (in Swedish)