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Party hat for your Winows Phone

2013-12-31 15:29:00 +0000

The time (pun intended) has come to celebrate new year's and you got fancy clothes laid out, the table is all set with balloons, serpentines and party hats.
Then you realize that your Windows Phone is not up to par, what to do!?
Well I made a quick party hat for mine, and so can you :)


I'm trying to fill the Doctor Who void any way I can :P


If you want to opt for the superfast and easy way, cut the template out in cardstock and glue or tape the straight edges to each other and you are done.

For a fancier one that will stick together all through the party and look a bit better follow the instructions below.


1. Using printer paper (or tracing paper) draw and cut a circle. Mine was about 20cm (8inches)
Use a plate or bowl to make it easier to trace if you need.
Draw 2 lines through the middle of the circle.
Cut out 1/4th of the circle.

2. Place the template on cardstock (or other fancy paper) about 1cm (3/8 inch) above the edge.
Trace around the template.

3. Cut or fold down a small triangle (along the edge) in the “allowance”

4. Glue the allowance to the inside of the other edge.

5. And you are done!

Decorate the hat if you want.

Now you and your phone can celebrate the new year looking awesome.

Happy new year!

Hackathon season

2013-11-11 11:43:00 +0000

This autumn/winter is certainly the season of hackathons, at least for me.

To kick it of we started with a Halloween hack. It was super fun to organize and attend.

We crammed in 70 people in Skype's office where we usually are 50.

A lot of participants came in impressive Halloween costumes, and we were part of the Windows Phone Week.

29h of pure fun.


Next we went to Malmo and had a mini hackathon with FooCafé and met new and old dev friends.


On the first evening of the Øredev conference me, Jimmy, Atley Hunter and Michael Crump helped out at the Windows 8/Windows Phone hackathon.

Today attended a raspberry pi mini hack. Yes I do go to hackathons I don't organize ;)

In between these we are still doing the mini hacks with our user group Coding After Work

And now we are (hopefully) planning an advent/Christmas hack for December :)

Wolverine and windows phone

2013-07-27 19:14:00 +0000

Yesterday was the premier of the Wolverine in Sweden.
Since I surprisingly don't own a Wolverine T-shirt I had to pimp my nails instead.


I went with old-school inspired Wolverine and adamantium colored claws ;)


Matching the yellow Lumia 920

There was a lot of Nokias shown in the movie.
I like that Windows Phone now can be seen in blockbusters such as the Wolverine and Man of steel, it’s a good sign :)

//Build – day 1

2013-06-27 07:24:03 +0000

Wow, just wow!

Sooo many sessions and so little time. It is super difficult to choose what session to attend. And you also want to look at the awesome devices and partners that are here.


The keynote was great of course, if not for the Surface pro and acer tablet Winking smile

Next I went to Windows Phone Design for developers. It was a great session, Corrina is a good presenter and she went through all the design principles thoroughly.

Windows Store Overview for Windows 8.1: new design, new promotion and monetization opportunities was the next one I went to, if you are curious to how the windows store for windows 8.1 looks you should watch this, he went through everything.


I actually ended up skipping the next session and went and looked at all the cool 3D printers and exhibiters. Like last year there was also an area where you could get design help from the UK team (I think)
I went there and got to talk to one of the girls, and it was awesome, they are very competent and have a LOT of ideas.

I love that they are giving people this opportunity.

The last session I went to was Windows Phone: building great UI in XAML

It was a great “follow up” for Corrina’s session, he showed an app that was, let’s say not so great and told us some tips and tricks for making it better looking Smile

Now it’s time to go stand in the huge line for picking up our Surface pros and Acer Iconias. People were skipping the last session so I’m guessing it will be a while Smile with tongue out

Update: The pick up went super smooth, it was SO well planned out, we had hundreds of people in front of us in line but it took like 20-30 minutes until we the got the stuff in our hands Smile


windows phone cake

2012-01-30 23:57:53 +0000

When the department I currently work in asked me to make a cake I couldn’t resist making a Windows Phone themed cake.
Having had the impressive Nokia Lumia 800 for a while you could say I was somewhat inspired Smile with tongue out




The cake is filled with raspberries, vanilla, whipped cream and dulce de leche buttercream. All decorations in Marzipan and Sugarpaste.


Mango release celebration sale

2011-09-30 19:29:00 +0000

To celebrate the release of Windows Phone Mango I’m having a sale.

All pouches is 50% off and free shipping, that’s how much I like Mango!


You can read more about the bags here



Phones not included Smile with tongue out


The bag fits most WP7 but not the largest ones like the HTC HD7, it will however fit a Samsung Omnia 7 just fine, which measures 4.82 x 2.53 x 0.43 (122.4 x 64.2 x 11 mm). So Samsung Focus shouldn’t be a problem (differs 1mm or so)


I have tried it myself with Samsung Omnia 7, LG Optimus 7 (LG E900) and HTC Mozart (and an ipod Smile with tongue out)



You can contact me on twitter @grytlappen or email for any questions or orders
The pouches can also be bought through the Swedish shop Elapid (only in Swedish)

Augmented Reality Cupcake

2011-08-12 15:00:00 +0000

Since the coming update of Windows Phone 7 is called "Mango" everything mango is more desirable to WP7 geeks right now. So I just had to make some mango cupcakes.

My husband and I were talking about different projects we have going on, one of them being an augmented reality app for WP7 he is working on.
Augmented Reality Mango Cupcake It just hit me that we had to make the mango cupcakes augmented reality enabled, so we did :P

I made a basic cupcake with mango bits, cut the top of to allow the print to lay flat and hollowed it out to make room for some mango-lime curd. The marker is printed out with food color on malty sheets so it’s completely edible.

We bought a 3D model of a mango and my husband did the software-part.

ARToolKit Marker Generator allows you to generate personalized markers and the needed .pat file. It was very easy, just hold up the picture to your webcam and take a snapshot. The generator does the rest for you.

Here it is in action

I'm sorry for the crappy video, we don't have the best circumstances for photography or video shooting in our home :P

If you are interested in learning more about AR for Windows Phone 7 you can read more about it on my husbands blog
He has amongst other things made a working augmented reality ZX Spectrum emulator, how cool is that?!

Windows Phone 7 Pouch part 2

2011-06-07 22:44:00 +0000

A couple of months ago I made a WP7-inspired pouch for my phone
I got so good response and so many who wanted one and some who even encouraged me to produce some for sale.
So I did, and now they've finally arrived
If you want to celebrate your Windows Phone 7 or just want to hide your iPhone/Android here's an alternative

The bag is made out of a pliable vinyl fabric (kind of like fake leather) and comes in two "accent" colors - pink and blue (phone not included :P)
It measures approximately 130 mm x 80 mm (0.511" x 3.15")
In the picture I tried the bag with Samsung Omnia 7 and LG Optimus 7

The price is US$22 (or 140 SEK) including shipping
Duo-pack is US$39 (or 240 SEK) (one of each) including shipping
I ship internationally

Don't forget to write who it's from

To use PayPal manually it's If you rather make a transfer to my Swedish bank account let me know :)

You can contact me on twitter @grytlappen or email for further information or orders
The pouches can now be bought through the Swedish shop Elapid (only in Swedish)

Cupcake day

2011-05-27 21:09:00 +0000

I've recently found an app for my windows phone 7 that I like more and more. It's a fun, quirky app that lists "themed days" like Mother's day, Mardi Gras and Cinnamon roll day.
It supports Live Tile so I don't have to miss out on such a day ever again.
It also lists lesser known days like International hug a musician day, Vegan Pizza day and Carrot day.

"Temadagar" is only available in Swedish, at least for now (you could always send him a request :P) and can be found here


Today is Cupcake day, and I just happened to have a new recipe for raspberry frosting I wanted to try, imagine that :P
It's probably the best frosting I ever made. Not too sweet and lots of raspberry taste.
The frosted cupcakes is lemon cupcakes and the others are tiger cupcakes (chocolate/vanilla)

Let's not speak about the fancy cake box :P

Windows Phone 7 Pouch

2011-02-06 11:00:00 +0000

Since I'm a WP7 hardcore fan and got my phone on the (Swedish) release day (4th in Scandinavia and 1st woman) there was no cases or pouches to buy. So I made my own. It's no secret that I love the design of the UI so I had to go with that. I guess I did something right because my brother wanted one for his phone too.

WP7 Pouch The one on the left is a bit more sturdy and made of vinyl. The black one is two layers of felt. Nice use of the phone's accent colors on the pouch, right? :P