Jessica Engström


Annoying Orange Cakes

This year’s birthday cakes was particularly annoying. (Pun intended)

Half the guests hate his guts and half of them just love him.
So we went for it, Orange with his tongue out (I hope you here the annoying sound).
Pear, Marshmallow and a couple of other friends was also invited.


The green cake is raspberry, vanilla and whipped cream covered with marzipan and sugarpaste.
The white cake is filled with dulce de leche-mousse and dark chocolate mousse covered with sugerpaste.
Annoying orange and his friends are made from modelingpaste.

I think the cake was a hit because when one of the guests saw the cake he went "wasaaaaaaaaabi" and quoted a lot of videos :P
Of course we had to add the magic pinwheel too.

for those of you that don't know Annoying Orange, here's a video

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