Jessica Engström


Cupcake day

I've recently found an app for my windows phone 7 that I like more and more. It's a fun, quirky app that lists "themed days" like Mother's day, Mardi Gras and Cinnamon roll day.
It supports Live Tile so I don't have to miss out on such a day ever again.
It also lists lesser known days like International hug a musician day, Vegan Pizza day and Carrot day.

"Temadagar" is only available in Swedish, at least for now (you could always send him a request :P) and can be found here


Today is Cupcake day, and I just happened to have a new recipe for raspberry frosting I wanted to try, imagine that :P
It's probably the best frosting I ever made. Not too sweet and lots of raspberry taste.
The frosted cupcakes is lemon cupcakes and the others are tiger cupcakes (chocolate/vanilla)

Let's not speak about the fancy cake box :P

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