Jessica Engström


Wedding cakes

I had the honor to get invited to Skelleftehamn by a friend to be a witness at their wedding, and make the cakes for the reception. The ceremony was small but very nice with just 3 witnesses. We had to go by boat (just a small one) to a lighthouse island.

The bride wanted 3 different simple, not tiered cakes. So I did my best. She was very happy and the guests seemed somewhat impressed.

It was a bit scary making someone's wedding cakes, she WILL remember it forever, success or failure. I’m glad my first time was for such a good friend, she would forgive me if I failed Smile
Now I’m ready for the next challenge.


The white cake is filled with strawberries and whipped vanilla/wild strawberry frosting. The pale pink cake is filled with strawberry mousse and meringue mousse. The chocolate cake is an adaptation of Nigella Lawson's chocolate fudge cake. All the flowers are handmade with flower paste (gum paste)

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