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First contact day

What better way to celebrate First Contact Day than to show you a recent cake I made?
Yeah, I know that first contact isn't until 2063 but what kind of geek would I be if I didn't mention it?

A friend of mine is a Borg, no really he is! At least it's his last name.
He also happens to be a Trekker so when his birthday came up he wanted an assimilated princess cake (common cake in Sweden).

So here it is, pale Borg skin, implants and all. And no Borg cake is complete without a "laser" (in this case an LED)

It was a bit hard not to make it with a nice finish, but hey it's a Borg!

For those of you who are into electronics or puns, this one's for you: Resistance is futile

Get it? Futile? No? :P (zero ohm resistor)

The cake is filled with raspberries, vanilla and whipped cream. Covered with sugarpaste/marzipan with a crumb coat of Dulce De Leche buttercream. All the black details (and the resistor) are made of chocolate modelingpaste. I brushed the cake with Vodka for a bit semi-slimy skin, but it doesn't show that well in the picture.

This was my first attempt of making modeling chocolate, but it turned out great. Not to mention how delicious it was. I'll have to try it again sometime.

Live long and prosper

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