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Augmented Reality Cupcake

Since the coming update of Windows Phone 7 is called "Mango" everything mango is more desirable to WP7 geeks right now. So I just had to make some mango cupcakes.

My husband and I were talking about different projects we have going on, one of them being an augmented reality app for WP7 he is working on.
Augmented Reality Mango Cupcake It just hit me that we had to make the mango cupcakes augmented reality enabled, so we did :P

I made a basic cupcake with mango bits, cut the top of to allow the print to lay flat and hollowed it out to make room for some mango-lime curd. The marker is printed out with food color on malty sheets so it’s completely edible.

We bought a 3D model of a mango and my husband did the software-part.

ARToolKit Marker Generator allows you to generate personalized markers and the needed .pat file. It was very easy, just hold up the picture to your webcam and take a snapshot. The generator does the rest for you.

Here it is in action

I'm sorry for the crappy video, we don't have the best circumstances for photography or video shooting in our home :P

If you are interested in learning more about AR for Windows Phone 7 you can read more about it on my husbands blog
He has amongst other things made a working augmented reality ZX Spectrum emulator, how cool is that?!

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