Jessica Engström


Cloud power–azure cake

The stor(e)y behind this cake: It was a cloudy day when I made the cake. We felt like one instance was enough for our department. Just before serving the cake we put it on the table for storage (get it?). Afterwards we all felt like blobs Winking smile (sorry, I’m married to a pun master and it seams to rub off a bit)

I have been working (internship of sorts) at Microsoft for a couple of months now and when a colleague was leaving for another job, I got asked to make a cake.

Since he was working with Windows Azure, I couldn’t think of a better theme for the cake than the cloud.


I like the cloud power logo, so I went for it. It might not come through in the picture but it is 6 nuances of Azure on the cake Smile with tongue out



The cake is filled with raspberries, vanilla, whipped cream and dulce de leche buttercream. All decorations in Marzipan/Sugarpaste.

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