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Geek Awards

Microsoft's Techdays arrange an annual competition for geek of the year. Last year my husband came in third.
This year I thought he ought to win (really he is crazy geeky) so I nominated him. For those of you who can read Swedish, the nomination can be found here on my husbands blog.

Apparently the judges liked my nomination so much that they also gave ME the chance to come to Techdays. That is so awesome and so considerate of them.
Everyone we've been in contact with surrounding Geek Awards has treated us with the upmost respect and kindness.

Some of the judges even came up to us and said that he really deserved the award. Some wanted to meet this wife of his who nominated him :p

Here is a video of Jimmy accepting his award


How does it feel to get this award?
Jimmy: "incredibly nice, I mean 1700 geeks and I am apparently the worst"
Can't say anything other than I'm a proud geek-wife :)

Here is an interview they made during Techdays (in Swedish)

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