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Christmas gift ideas - list for the gamer girl


I know there is a lot of Portal stuff here, but let’s face it it’s an awesome game (and you get achievements!)

kitchenPortal 2 companion cube ice tray

Pac-man glossary heat changing mug

Manic Miner mug

Portal companion cube cookie jar

Pac-man cookie cutter

Tetris cookie cutters

Nintendo Game pad coasters

Pac-man ice cube tray

Portal cookie cutters

Portal 2 aperture laboratories logo spatula







There’s a Zombie on your lawn *singing*


Portal 2 warning signs coasters

Space invaders color changing lamp

Pac-man fleece blanket

Portal Bookends

Space invaders fridge magnets

Plants vs zombie lawn ornament

Tetris light

Portal 2 Turret statue

Plants vs Zombies electronic singing sunflower







Companion cube panties, Street Fighter II leggins? I mean who wouldn’t want this


Power wisdom courage women’s tee

Fight! Street Fighter II leggings

Atari Mt. Fuiji women’s Tee

Portal 2 aperture test subject track jacket

Portal socks

Self-rescuing princess babydoll

Portal 2 companion cube ladies' panties

Atari Asteroids Arcade women’s Tee








Hand stamped gamer earrings

European-style charm bracelet

Portal 2 companion cube earrings

Portal 2 inter-spatial portal earrings

Portal 2 stalemate pendant necklace

Video game Nintendo cartridge bracelet

Super Mario mushroom necklace

Gamer bracelet








Can’t wait for the Xbox One to get to Sweden Open-mouthed smile

OtherXbox One

Street fighter x sanrio plush

Sega Mega drive bag

Plants vs zombies risk

Customizable aperture science handheld portal device

Portal 2 sentry turret USB desk defender

Portal weighted companion cube plush

Nintendo monopoly 










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