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Christmas gift ideas – list for the tech girl


Who would not love to just tilt the pepper mill to get it to grind, or the automatic soda streamer. Not to talk about the gadgets you actually can develop for Smile


Soda Stream revolution

Trueau Graviti Battery-operated pepper mill

WiFi kettle iKettle

Binary code ice tray

Egg minder wink-enabled egg tray

Mixing bowl with scale

Stirio automatic stirrer

Digital spoon scale







Devices & Accessories

Granted the Arrows tab might not be available (at least for me) but how cool wouldn’t it be to soak in the bath while being on your tab?
I actually have the Knomo bag, it fit both my Asus slim laptop and my surface without too much bulking.


Arrows tab QH77/M Waterproof 2-1 Ultrabook

Nokia Lumia 1020

Surface Pro 2 and Docking station

Colorful, backlit  touch covers for Surface

The Chelsea camera bag

Camera grip for Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 2520

Knomo London – Avignon 13 laptop slim brief bag

Pocket Spotlight







I’ve had the opportunity to try both Cube and Cube-X Duo, they are both good machines. The Duo can print with 2 colors and has a larger printing area, however it does not come in pink…. besides the Cube can print about 15x15x15cm (5,5”x5,5”x5,5”) and a lot of designs come in pieces.


gadgetsCube 3D printer

Automatic soap dispenser

Lego Mindstorms EV3

Leap motion

Sphero 2.0

Fitbit force

Fitbit Flex

Myo gesture control armband

Color-change led candle set with remote

Philips Hue wireless lightning








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