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Party hat for your Winows Phone

The time (pun intended) has come to celebrate new year's and you got fancy clothes laid out, the table is all set with balloons, serpentines and party hats.
Then you realize that your Windows Phone is not up to par, what to do!?
Well I made a quick party hat for mine, and so can you :)


I'm trying to fill the Doctor Who void any way I can :P


If you want to opt for the superfast and easy way, cut the template out in cardstock and glue or tape the straight edges to each other and you are done.

For a fancier one that will stick together all through the party and look a bit better follow the instructions below.


1. Using printer paper (or tracing paper) draw and cut a circle. Mine was about 20cm (8inches)
Use a plate or bowl to make it easier to trace if you need.
Draw 2 lines through the middle of the circle.
Cut out 1/4th of the circle.

2. Place the template on cardstock (or other fancy paper) about 1cm (3/8 inch) above the edge.
Trace around the template.

3. Cut or fold down a small triangle (along the edge) in the “allowance”

4. Glue the allowance to the inside of the other edge.

5. And you are done!

Decorate the hat if you want.

Now you and your phone can celebrate the new year looking awesome.

Happy new year!

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