Jessica Engström


//Build - registration and Xamarin Party


Tomorrow build starts and today you could register for it Smile
We arrived a little over an hour after they opened the doors and there were no lines to speak of.
You could even self register with a barcode Smile

We got the badge, a T-shirt and the program and we were on our way.

After that we went to a Swede meet up, we are over 100 Swedes at build which is a lot for such a small country.
We had a nice couple of hours at the Press Club and later headed over to the hackathon briefing.
Me and Jimmy signed up as a team to make a windows phone app.
After that we went to the Xamarin welcome party, if you have followed #bldwin at twitter you know that basically everyone is going Smile with tongue out
We got a cute monkey and and a T-shirt

Now it’s time for some planning, need to decide what sessions to attend!

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