Jessica Engström


Hackathon season

This autumn/winter is certainly the season of hackathons, at least for me.

To kick it of we started with a Halloween hack. It was super fun to organize and attend.

We crammed in 70 people in Skype's office where we usually are 50.

A lot of participants came in impressive Halloween costumes, and we were part of the Windows Phone Week.

29h of pure fun.


Next we went to Malmo and had a mini hackathon with FooCafé and met new and old dev friends.


On the first evening of the Øredev conference me, Jimmy, Atley Hunter and Michael Crump helped out at the Windows 8/Windows Phone hackathon.

Today attended a raspberry pi mini hack. Yes I do go to hackathons I don't organize ;)

In between these we are still doing the mini hacks with our user group Coding After Work

And now we are (hopefully) planning an advent/Christmas hack for December :)

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