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Microsoft MVP award

2013 was a great year for me.

In January I got invited to join MEET Sweden (Microsoft Extended Expert Team) A complete honor.

I got the opportunity attend the “Train the Trainer Windows Phone 8” education in Utrecht.

Me and my husband went full on with our code heavy user group Coding After Work.

Coding After Work started to branch out to other cities, starting with Norrkoping.

We got to organize Easter-, Halloween- (as a part of Windows Phone week) and Xmas hackathons, a hackathon in Malmo and a hackathon with Atley Hunter and Michael Crump at Øredev.

Coding After Work also got to be exhibitors at Øredev and DevSum.

Microsoft organize “summer camp” here in Sweden, where they offer free half day seminars to everyone. I got to talk there about Windows 8 UX.
That felt a bit crazy (good crazy) as I started in this community at summer camp myself a few years back. Circle is closed and all that :)

I committed to change my diet and workout schedule, lost 13kg (28 lbs) and I have more to lose so I was on the “get up and code” podcast. You can see more of this soon.

Conferences I attended was TechX sweden, //Build, Øredev, DevSum

I went to “Train the Trainer- Unity” in Helsinki (loads of fun!)

The amazing people I got to meet during the year is fantastic. I treasure them all, mentors, beginners, young, old, all of them.

This is just a bit of the stuff I got to do. I thought that it would be hard to top 2013….


mvpThen came 2014 and bam! I got awarded Microsoft MVP (Client Dev) for my job in the community!

What a start of the year! People I look up to in the community are congratulating me, that is a surreal feeling.

I’m humbled to get nominated and awarded, and be in such an amazing category with so many great minds!
I will do my best to live up to he title.


With that I wish you all a great 2014, may it be your best year ever!

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