Jessica Engström


//Build – day 1

Wow, just wow!

Sooo many sessions and so little time. It is super difficult to choose what session to attend. And you also want to look at the awesome devices and partners that are here.


The keynote was great of course, if not for the Surface pro and acer tablet Winking smile

Next I went to Windows Phone Design for developers. It was a great session, Corrina is a good presenter and she went through all the design principles thoroughly.

Windows Store Overview for Windows 8.1: new design, new promotion and monetization opportunities was the next one I went to, if you are curious to how the windows store for windows 8.1 looks you should watch this, he went through everything.


I actually ended up skipping the next session and went and looked at all the cool 3D printers and exhibiters. Like last year there was also an area where you could get design help from the UK team (I think)
I went there and got to talk to one of the girls, and it was awesome, they are very competent and have a LOT of ideas.

I love that they are giving people this opportunity.

The last session I went to was Windows Phone: building great UI in XAML

It was a great “follow up” for Corrina’s session, he showed an app that was, let’s say not so great and told us some tips and tricks for making it better looking Smile

Now it’s time to go stand in the huge line for picking up our Surface pros and Acer Iconias. People were skipping the last session so I’m guessing it will be a while Smile with tongue out

Update: The pick up went super smooth, it was SO well planned out, we had hundreds of people in front of us in line but it took like 20-30 minutes until we the got the stuff in our hands Smile

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