Jessica Engström


//Build – day 3

Even though the shuttles started to go much later than the other days people were clearly tired (read hung over) the attendance of the first two session was sparse to say the least Smile with tongue out
People started to drop in by lunch.


I did the other way around and only caught the 2 first sessions.

One of them being Pete Brown’s “The Wow Factor - Making your Windows Store Apps promotable
If there is only one “design” talk you are going to see, make it this one.
He goes through what not to do, exactly what to think about when it comes to design, description of your app, splash screens, why and what to think about when you reflow your content to different sized screens.
He even shows example apps.
”Be best at something”  with your app he said, I liked that. If you are not best at something what’s the point Smile
IMG_0126 (640x480)
The pace of attendees, speakers and exhibitors where clearly slower today.
And all the exhibitors completely threw stuff at you, the other days you had to do something in return to get swag, but not today Smile with tongue out

It’s going to be empty not going to the conference today, but for us who feels that way, or for those not fortunate to be there live all sessions can be seen here;

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