Jessica Engström


How to activate DreamSpark with a verification code?

DreamSpark is a program that Microsoft offers some schools and students.
You get a whole lot of software and other goodies in the program. You can read more about that here.

A few schools are not enrolled into DreamSpark program, and this blog post is about just that. If you have a verification code for DreamSpark, this is how you activate it.

What you need

DreamSpark voucher code
Microsoft account (formerly Live ID)

What you do

If you already have a Microsoft account skip to step 2.

1. Do you have an Xbox, Windows Phone, Hotmail or account, use that. If you don’t, just go to Microsoft account signup and create an account. You can use your current email address, like Gmail, yahoo, outlook etc. or create a new one.

2. Go to Click “Student” and “create account” and you’ll get a popup window, click “continue” on that.

3. Fill in your information and “continue to verify”

4. Choose ”I was issued a verification code” and fill it in, then ”verify”


Now you’ve unlocked the awesomeness that is DreamSpark!

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