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demystifying Windows 8 app bar

I love Windows 8 apps, I love the fact that I know instantly where to find the back button and how to get to the settings in (almost) ALL apps. That is a fantastic strength we should all utilize.
One of the things I’ve noticed and get asked quite a lot is that the app bar sometimes is neglected and that some of the rules isn’t that easy to keep track of, and I agree. Most people I’ve talked to don’t even know that there are guidelines for this.

I’m going to try to demystify the app bar with a blog series. I hope you enjoy!



Here is a short introduction to the app bar.


The app bar is found in most windows 8 apps.

The user activates the app bar with a swipe from the top to bottom or bottom to top, or by right clicking anywhere in the app.

See it as a toolbar of sorts. You put all commands NOT related to search, share or settings here (or navigation, we are getting to that later).
Both contextual and global commands should be in the app bar.


This is “Demystifying Windows 8 app bar” part 1 of 8.
Part 2 “
Ergonomics of the Windows 8 app bar

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